Terms And Conditions

Legal Language you can understand !

Wishing it to be known that I am just a regular folk just like you who really hate those that will not respect my privacy. I hate the same things you do and refuse to play that game for profit. I am to busy making cool things for everyone else to enjoy to even think about it.

Confidential Info:

We will never ever share any information about you that is not required to make and receive payments through our providers between you and us. The way we look at it is, we just don’t ask for it.

If you choose to sign-up with a account with us, it will be used in a limited way that we are not exactly sure of but likely be a posting email about new products once a month but only if you choose to ‘OPT-IN’ for them. We don’t like ‘SPAM’ either ! Accounts are more for your convenience than a way for us to push sales. It may also be a way for us to recognize and reward customer loyalty in the future. But the choices are yours alone. Just know we will do our part for privacy and security.

Simply put, we think we have some good stuff going on here and don’t need to push that button.

All returns are subject to a restocking fee of up to 15%. We will not pay the return shipping of unjustified returns subject to our own opinion of that. But mainly if you had a change of heart on your items, it’s up to you to return them on your expense and would be subject to the restocking fees and a requirement for returns to be pre-authorized by us which means we want to know who is sending what back so proper credit is issued to the right person. If you don’t follow that request, we can not guarantee proper credit for your return.

However that does not apply to things that happen or errors that get shipped out by mistake or incorrectly described or categorized. We are human and will pay for our mistakes limited to the purchase price for items. But not consequential damages to the use of our crafty products.

We do expect you to inspect your items when delivered and report any errors or defects within 5 working days after delivery.


Shipping here is FREE unless otherwise noted in a listing. That makes it simple doesn’t it !

Most generally, we will ship items out in 72 hours plus Sunday/Holiday or we will inform you otherwise. If for some reason the worst happens and/or it is a special order that takes more than 7 days to fill/ship, we will give you a option to cancel that order. Most orders ship in less than 48 hours, Many the same day. Everyone get expedited shipping (fast as we can do it) so there is no need to special request that. It comes as standard equipment with us !

The one hitch is we only ship/sell in the United States and only accept payments from US accounts.

So that’s the skinny…

     …and it makes sense to us…

             …and if it makes sense to you, welcome aboard !